Game Loop

As the server opens and progresses, players will engage in immersive mainline activities that help them experience and understand the Meta Apes narrative as well as the battle for supremacy on this Planet of the Apes. They will have to work closely with friends and fight their enemies, who are also chasing the same pursuit.

At the start of the server

In the first stage, the battle for human ruins & relics start about 1 week after the server starts.

There are many ruins left by humans on the Planet of the Apes. Some of them store a lot of materials, and some can provide magical benefits for the gang. Occupying them can enhance the gang's strength.

Competition Rules

  1. Human ruins are divided into 3 states / periods: 1) unopened, 2) contest & 3) protection. During the competition, gangs whose territory is connected to the corresponding ruins can detect, attack, and assemble human relics. After defeating and occupying for a period of time, they can obtain ownership of human relics. Human remains that are not open and protected cannot be attacked.

  2. According to the progress of the Planet of the Apes, human ruins of all levels will be opened in turn. After opening, they will always be in an occupied state. After being occupied for the first time, the human ruin will periodically switch between the contest period and the protection period. You can click the human ruin on the map to view its status and the duration of the current state.

  3. You can reinforce the human ruins occupied by your own gang or attack others occupied by other gangs. When there are multiple reinforcements in the human ruins, they will automatically form a rallying force.

Boosting Effect Rules

  1. Only some human ruins can provide buffs. You can click on the human ruin on the map to view their specific buffs.

  2. During the protection period, all members of the gang to which the human ruin belonged can get the benefit effect, and the competition period does not take effect.

  3. When your gang occupies multiple human ruins, only the one with the highest income will provide income; the gains of the ruins with the same name do not stack.

About two weeks after the server launch

Once the clan territory is connected to the clan headquarters, troops can be sent to capture it.

After the occupation, the gang will become the leader of the corresponding clan. Recruit other gangs into your clan, share territories, and earn taxes from member gangs' relic income.

About a month after the server launch

After a whole season of hard work, the monkeys from the strongest gangs come together to prepare for the final Space Hegemony! Space Hegemony is divided into 2 stages: 1) train race and 2) launchpad competition. In the train race, the train will gradually move from the space city to the launchpad, including two gameplays of Train Boost and Road Barrier. It will enter the launchpad competition stage upon arriving at the launchpad. At this time, the gang and its fellow clan gangs can directly send troops to occupy the launchpad. In the end, the leader of the gang that successfully occupies the launchpad becomes the overlord of the Planet of the Apes, enjoying a number of hegemonic rights.


  1. The gang that occupies and stationed the launch can gain control of the launchpad and then can control the rocket launch.

  2. The gang leader who has gained control will become the overlord, and the title of overlord will be a buff for the Overlord himself. Overlords can assign titles and loot packs to other monkeys.

  3. Overlord can send full-server emails, enable short-term full-server buffs, and use overlord skills.

Overlord Rewards

  1. After each space battle is over, the overlord can assign a treasure box to any monkey on the Planet of the Apes.

  2. After the treasure box is assigned, it will be sent to the corresponding monkey in the form of an email.

  3. After each space battle, each monkey can only get a treasure chest.

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