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While not required to start playing Meta Apes, NFT fighters come with a number of unique advantages and utilities. There are three different levels of rarity - Rare, Epic & Meta. Once purchased, the NFT fighters will be yours and yours only.
Today, you can get an NFT fighter by visiting the Galler NFT Marketplace and our own marketplace.
After purchasing an NFT fighter, you can transfer your NFT fighters to Ape Chain by using the Celer bridge (
Contract Addresses:
Meta, Epic & Rare Fighters: 0x5704075803a122fc5afc8b60f07b84b77e065b5e
Ape Chain
Meta, Epic & Rare Fighters: 0xF9eBA2FE3F8d03d098a439fab2038c737D3DBB94 Souvenir Fighters: 0xc805C32B3D9a29E54F6c01d4d0a322697BE23C64
Polygon zkEVM
Meta, Epic & Rare Fighters: 0x852759BDdd5C9170E24135C76957C50A732f1d5a
Souvenir Fighters: 0x6CF6384D05EC0c430af3aC46135D4574cCeeF97d
Meta, Epic & Rare Fighters: 0x78D0c876c658682a3D117a0298aB9Ed3F5D09d29
Souvenir Fighters: 0xd522d1ff2842C0446080E80d12C6a18a370beF0b
Meta, Epic & Rare Fighters: 0xcb11b3A77F943337D920232eE13b1CEDb6C99b72
Souvenir Fighters: 0x121eb86A536585074Ee3a124bd9a0D93dF7af5A2