In Meta Apes, each hero has its own unique skills and attributes, and no two NFT heroes are exactly the same, allowing the players to build their tactics and strategies around their heroes. In addition to their unique & outstanding design, NFT fighters come with a number of special advantages (vs. their non-NFT counterparts):

1. Generation of shells, in-game resource in Meta Apes

Meta, Epic & Rare fighters will generate 75,000 shells in 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days, respectively.

Souvenir fighters will generate 12,500 shells in 180 days.

2. Additional skills & increased power of fighters

Non-NFT fighters have 4 skills with default strength. NFT fighters will have 1-3 extra skills and increased power per skill.

3. Cosmetic benefits

Fighters will display special effects, such as halo, lighting & user ID.

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