NFT Fighter Pairing

With NFT fighter pairing, you can send two NFT fighters together on an offensive. This is done by pairing the Master (primary fighter) with a Deputy (secondary fighter) in the game.

NFT fighters help you identify which secondary fighter would create the strongest and the most powerful bond when paired with your existing NFT fighter.

The feature will be unlocked when your NFT fighter reaches 3 stars.

NFT fighter pairing will give the players an edge over the rest and help you progress faster in the game. This allows the NFT holders to potentially get more value for their fighters, even if they do not have the rarest type.

NFT fighter pairing gives two types of buffs.

Number Buff

If the Master and Deputy share the same fighter number, the power of the Master’s active skills will be increased by 200%.

Best Mate Buff

When the NFT Masters have their best NFT Deputy as a pair, the power of the Masters’ active skills will be increased by 100%.

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