Other Features

In addition to the captivating gameplay & narrative, there are a number of other unique features that make Meta Apes a one-of-a-kind MMO strategy game.

Real-Time Strategy

Free march, no restraints. Apes are used to moving freely in the wilderness, completely free from the constraints of the road. So in Meta Apes, you can send troops to wherever you want and station them there. Think about it - an army lurking on the enemy's flank, waiting to deliver a fatal blow at any time. This is the dream of all commanders. War does not need so many rules. Let us abandon the road and gallop freely. This creates more operability & flexibility, and you can change your tactics at any time.

Large Map with Infinite Zoom

How many steps does it take to go from the main city to overlooking the whole world? In traditional strategic games, we need to exit the city interface, switch to the field view, and then switch from the field view to the map view. In Meta Apes, it only takes two fingers to move, and the angle of view will follow the gesture to zoom from the city to the whole world in less than a second. Then you can easily swipe around, find any place you want to see, and no longer miss the boat or key information. With a flick of your finger, you will feel that the world is within your control.

The "General" and the "Deputy General"

When your main fighter ("general") is upgraded to 3 stars, the pairing system will be turned on, and 2 heroes can jointly lead a unit to fight on the battlefield. This brings not only more troops but also greatly enrich the depth of the strategy - whether to choose a strong alliance to create a powerful assault team that is invincible, or choose a balanced approach to solve the shortcomings of your own troops, or create a rock-like force, a battalion-resistant force. The main and deputy general system brings more choices and variables to the battles, so that the battle is no longer just a collision between numerical values.

More Friendly Mission System

Many novice players will feel at a loss in traditional GVG SLG, and the overflow of information can make them panic, unable to clearly understand the goals & objectives of the game. Meta Apes comes with a comprehensive & easy-to-follow guide for players in the form of task chapters, which clearly inform the players which activities are most important in that particular stage. And skilled players can effectively use these guides to gain a leading edge.

Innovative Gang Gameplay

Gangs are no longer just a place for a group of people to get together to chat, but rather a place to truly gather like-minded comrades in arms. Here, everyone can gather to fight bosses and capture various strategic facilities as well as gang materials / technologies to improve your combat power.

Casual Mini Games

There are many different types of mini-games in Meta Apes, such as Impasse Trials for postgraduate placement planning decisions, intellectual museum explorations, and train battles.

Not only can you conquer the world, but you can also find more relaxing, casual experiences in the world of Meta Apes.

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