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0x4960edA41a25C6C0feDbe8798940cB4585E36311 Please note that NFT Relics cannot be bridged to BSC.
Relics are the human ruins that are scattered all over the Meta Apes world. They have various magical abilities and possessing them will significantly enhance the strength of the ape tribe.

Buffs From Relics

Relics offer two types of buffs to the players who own them and put them an inch ahead of other players by improving the performance of the ape tribe.


Buffs will be activated once you have collected the relic. A player is not required to display their relics in their game to achieve these default buffs.

Display Buffs

Exhibition stand
Exhibition Stand
Exhibition stand
Exhibition Stand.
Display Buffs will be activated when the player acquires these specific relics and displays them on one of the three floors of the exhibition stand. Players get to pick on what relics to display on the exhibition stand and a total of 9 relics can be displayed.
Star up relics
Star Up Relics
Furthermore, you can star up these relics to increase the buffs and unlock more display buffs.
Wondering where to find them?
Advanced detection
Advanced Detection
Regular shop
Regular Shop
Relics can be found in Detection, which unlocks after the completion of Chapter 18. Scan Detectors can be purchased in the Others section of the Regular Shop.

Minting NFT Relics

Relics don’t just add buffs, there’s more to them — they are mintable. In-game relics can be minted on Ape Chain as NFTs, which can then be owned and traded by the player. These NFT-minted Relics can be transferred and traded on the Meta Apes marketplace.
  • Connect your in-game wallet to the Meta Apes marketplace and go to the Collection section. This shows all the Relics you possess in-game.
Select the relic and mint. Source: Meta Apes
Select the Relic and Mint
  • Select the Relic you want to mint and click on Mint.
Confirm transaction
Confirm transaction
NFT relic
NFT Relic
  • The minting fee is 50 PEEL. Confirm the transaction, and that’s it!
You can transfer the NFT Relics to another wallet using the Transfer token option.