Q1 2022

  • Launch Early Access (APK) Complete

  • Introduce NFT features (e.g., NFT fighters, Blind Box, Market) Complete

Q2 2022

  • Launch Android Beta version on testnet (Google Play) Complete

  • Test NFT blind box events with Beta Complete

  • Launch official game on mainnet (Google Play) Complete

  • Launch official game on mainnet (App Store) Complete

  • Organize 1st NFT blind box sale on Galler NFT Marketplace Complete

Q3 2022

  • Launch $PEEL via IFO on Pancakeswap Complete

  • Introduce quarterly burn program for $PEEL Complete

  • Get listed on KuCoin Complete

  • Launch 2nd server Complete

  • Organize 2nd NFT blind box sale on Meta Apes' internal marketplace Complete

Q4 2022

  • Introduce "Win-to-Earn" Complete

  • Launch new NFT collectibles ("relics") Complete

  • Release NFT pairing system Complete

  • Kick off referral system Complete

  • Launch 3rd server Complete

  • Participate in MVB Accelerator Program & selected as one of the winners Complete

Q1 2023

  • Support more regions & languages Complete

  • New UI/UX Complete

  • Introduce Win-to-Earn Complete

Q2 2023

  • Support Polygon zkEVM chain Complete

  • Support zkSync chain Complete

Q3 2023

  • UI and map update Complete

  • More in-game utility for PEEL Complete

Q4 2023

  • AI module upgrade (intelligent and human-like AI apes) Complete

Q1 2024

  • Valentine's Day event Complete

  • Cherry Blossom Festival

  • New collectibles

  • Global ranking event

  • 3rd party integrations

Q2 2024

  • Tokenomics update

  • More utility to NFTs and PEEL

  • Listing on a CEX

  • April Fool's Day event

  • Mother's Day event

  • Children's Day event

  • New Children's Day castle skin

  • New guild flag designs

  • New collectibles

  • AI Monkey update

  • King's Honor Video

Q3 2024

  • Summer Festival event

  • Summer Party event

  • New Summer Festival castle skin

  • New player avatar frames

  • Exclusive rights to the large map image

  • Honor King feature launch

Q4 2024

  • Halloween event

  • Thanksgiving event

  • Christmas event

  • New in-city buildings

  • Increased cap for upgrading buildings

  • New Christmas castle skin

  • Monkey Chronicles launch

Contents may be adjusted as the development continues.

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