Utility Token (SHELL)
Contract Address on BNB Chain: 0x208cfEc94d2BA8B8537da7A9BB361c6baAD77272 Contract Address on Ape Chain: 0x8fc47164A79b2e2aF29C43C80EC377BbcAcb8f14
$SHELL is the utility token that is core to the overall play-and-earn ecosystem in Meta Apes. You can earn SHELL by 1) purchasing/holding NFT fighters, 2) buying from the in-game item shop, or 3) simply playing & completing in-game activities. $SHELL serves as the in-game currency. The primary utility will be to upgrade the NFT fighters and to acquire in-game resources, such as iron and food. There is a maximum supply of 21,000,000,000 $SHELL.
Please see below all of the ways $SHELL can be used/consumed in Meta Apes.
Please note that when initially created, SHELL lives on the game server. You will have to tokenize/transfer SHELL that you’ve accrued into your wallet. Then you can deposit them back into the game if you want to use them for in-game purposes.
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